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I Teach Dentists and Business Owners How to Reach Their Goals
Hi.  I'm Tim
I believe that dentists deserve to have their lifetime of hard work pay off. That’s why I'm passionate about educating dentists on my wealth management process. By implementing this process, dentists are afforded the opportunity to make measured progress towards their most important goals.

My team and I are on a mission to help 25,000 dentists maximize their personal wealth so take can take care of the people they love, support the causes they care about, and for some, even change the world for the better. 

When I'm not busy helping dentists , I love spending time with my own dentist, who just happens to be my beautiful wife Dana. We are amateur connoisseurs of wine, whisky, cars, and standard poodles. Together, we share a love for the local church and world missions. 

Tim's Speaking Acumen
SPEAKER RATING: 9.7 out of 10*
“Tim has been a reliable, honest and thoroughly knowledgeable speaker. We have had Tim come back to speak to our members time and again because our doctors find his breadth of specific understanding about dentistry to be unique among those in his business sector. Lastly, he is a pleasure to work with and is very astute in tailoring his presentations to the specific interests of each group he addresses.”

– T. ANDRIS (ANDY) OZOLS, MA, MBA, Executive
Director, San Fernando Valley Dental Society
“Tim is knowledgeable presenter, genuine, and eager to assist our members in any way he can.”
– LEE ADISHIAN, RDH, Executive Director,
San Gabriel Valley Dental Society
“Tim gives a great perspective. He presents ideas with an optimistic and hopeful outlook that dentists can benefit from.”
– SCOTT STEWART, President,
Clifton & Associates, Inc.
“Tim has established an enviable reputation as a educator and speaker. Tim, thank you for your professionalism, integrity, and commitment to education”

Wells Fargo Practice Financial
* Speaker rating compiled and averaged from speaker evaluation forms handed out to live audiences
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Some of Tim's Speaking Topics
Reaching Your Goals By Implementing Wealth Management
Tim shares ways that dentists can escape the trap of traditional financial advice.  By teaching The Wealth Management Formula, Tim will demonstrate how this process can help dentists make measured progress towards achieving their most important financial goals.  Participants will learn the 5 major concerns that can get in the way of wealth creation.  Using case studies and audience interaction, Tim will help member build a lifetime of financial confidence.
Strategies Designed to Help Maximize Your Personal Wealth Outside Your Business
For most dentists wealth creation is about taking care of the people their love and supporting the causes they care about.  Using research and case studies, it focuses on actions dentists should consider to maximize their personal wealth outside of their dental practice.  In this interactive workshop, Tim will teach dentists the five major areas of financial concern and also walk them through a personal wealth assessment that helps to provide insight on what steps a dentists can take to help maximize their personal wealth.

Protecting Your Most Important Asset: The World of Concierge Medicine
One of the biggest financial blind spots dentists face is their health and well-being. Tim will offer key insights into the world of concierge medicine that will help dentists make better-informed decisions about their health care and the health care of their loved ones.  Protecting Your Most Precious Assets is based on The World of Concierge Medicine: How a Renaissance in Health Care Can Help You and Your Loved Ones Live Long and Healthy Lives.
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